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With her wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise, Laura will carefully listen to you, your aims and priorities and devise a continually changing and challenging program which combined with her easy-going manner and sense of humour feels more like fun than hard work. She is completely open to your own input and suggestions, but will steer you in such a way that you are achieving much more than you thought possible. Her infectious enthusiasm will kick-start your own virtuous circle of increased energy levels, noticeable results and the effortless incorporation of regular exercise into your everyday life.

Laura’s enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness makes training something to look forward to. Her sessions are forever varied keeping it interesting and motivating. I really enjoy the sessions and can’t speak highly enough of the service. I have noticed results in my body shape and fitness level beyond my expectations. I am now the fittest I have ever been and am inspired to maintain it.

Thank you for all you have done for me, watching you has taught me the true meaning of determination, you are a true inspiration and a wonderful trainer and person – keep up your amazing energy and enthusiasm!

–  Clementine Hartson


Since starting group training with Laura at LJM over a year ago, I have discovered a new found sense of determination – I am constantly challenged and encouraged to be my best, all in the company of friends and an amazing trainer!

– Casey Bourke


Getting up and playing sport or training every now and again can be easy. Maintaining that motivation and focus to strive for a better, healthier life – not so much. Laura from LJM has LITERALLY changed my life – eating healthy and working out is now more than wishful thinking or something I’ll do tomorrow, its my way of life. She is my biggest motivation, inspiration and support. Check her out, she’s AMAZING!!! A decision I will NEVER regret!!!

Charmaine Valenzuela


One of the best decisions I have ever made was to begin training with lovely Laura at LJM Health and Fitness, I know one can write that but I actually mean it!! Before Laura, I had tried exercising but had always given up, and the more I gave up, the more I believed I would keep giving up, it became a cycle of self defeating behaviour. I hated exercise and felt depressed, lethargic, no zest for life, felt unattractive, and suffered intermittently with a lower back condition.  Apart from this I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and fatty liver Syndrome I was placed on cholesterol medication. I was only 49 and I was thinking at this rate I won’t last another 10 years, and to be honest I did not want to if I had to keep feeling the way I was.

But that was the old me 🙂 Now, I am so different!!! I truly owe this all to Laura, she will say “I have done it myself” but this is only slightly true. Laura is amazing! I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart, she believed in me and that made me believe in myself. I know I could not of come as far as I have without her, but Laura has changed that, she has made me feel I can reach for the stars! 

I have been training with Laura for 6 months, 4 days a week and 1 day rehab for my back issues. I have so much more energy, I have been free from lower back pain, my upper back pain has significantly decreased, I no longer take pain killers, I am happier in myself, I have faith I can achieve anything I put my mind to, I am actually enjoying exercise (I can’t believe I said that lol), I jump out of bed in the morning, as before I staggered out. My cholesterol has dropped significantly, (I am nearly in the healthy range), and eventually I will probably come of the medications.

I get a lot of lovely comments from people, saying “I look healthier, happy, and sexier he he”. There is one more thing which is very important, I feel I am setting a wonderful example for my daughter, for I do not want her to go through what I have had to endure over the last several decades. So when I say Laura is amazing you now know I mean it! Laura is a beautiful lady, who genuinely cares, she has great empathy, she understands the struggles people go through, she has become a friend, and I truly look forward to her company. Thank you Laura x

– Julie Nelson


As someone who has scoliosis and has suffered all my life I want to say thank-you to Laura for helping find a healthier me! I have more energy I’m also more motivated to do other things! Goes to show that a healthy body and healthy mind are synonymous. Super professional and I love the fact that I feel like a person not money when I have a session, like you do at some gyms. Thanks lovely!

– Samantha Volkerts


Looking back I could never have imagined the impact that Laura would have on my life.

In January 2014 I was unhealthy, overweight and lacked confidence, I had worked with other trainers before but had given up after a short time as I didn’t feel comfortable and I knew they didn’t have my best interests in mind.

From Day 1, Laura helped guide me on my journey. Laura makes training enjoyable, something that I actually look forward to each week, the sessions are always varied and I never know what to expect. I now have an open love for kettle bells and a secret love for battle ropes.

The improvement in my fitness has been amazing, Laura has constantly challenged me during every session, Laura always pushes me to do my best and encourages me to meet my goals and never give up.

Laura is extremely knowledgable and professional in her approach and always delivers sessions at a high standard.

If you want to see results then I would highly recommend having Laura as your trainer.

Jennifer Kelly

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