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STRESS – methods to help

I know its been a while since I last wrote on here, but needless to say I’m back and addressing the topic of STRESS.


We ALL face stress in some point of our lives. We actually face it day to day weather it be work related or family stress, or even something like leaving the house for the first time since having a cold or crossing the road. Stress comes in many forms and differs from person to person – some respond well, others crumble.

This blog post is not to discuss what stress is or what can trigger it, but to give people options on how to deal with it. As mentioned before, we each respond differently, and thus many methods are available. Some may be used by group A, some may like different variations from group B and group C like to use a bit of everything. So here are some methods which may help you:


1. First things first (I’m a realist)…EXERCISE. Of course I was going to say this..I mean how could I not when it is such an underutilised method of dealing with stress. Exercise is shown to release positive feel good hormones which make people feel good once a session is done. The hardest part about this method is finding what works for you. Some respond well to high intensity training, others better with yoga. Best things it to allow yourself to try a bit or everything and see what responds best for YOU!

2. Sleep. We all know we need 8 hours a day of sleep but how many of us actually get this? What’s even more of a concern is how good is the QUALITY of sleep we are getting? The best thing I have found is to keep a sleep journal. Sound silly? Well you may be surprised. Try keeping a note pad next to your bed and jotting down how you feel before you go to sleep, how you feel when you wake up and the timing of the two and notice how much of a determinant it can be for the way you feel throughout the day.

3. Hobbies. One of the best things to do is to do what you love. It doesn’t just have to be work related, but socially as well. Try hobbies that you enjoy and convince friends or family to join in. If being social isn’t your thing, do something for yourself that makes you happy – it could be hiking, knitting or making vegetable soup. Employing a hobby which you like for an hour, a day or every month gives your body the time to adjust itself and genuinely feel good.

4. Relax. ARE YOU F***KING KIDDING ME!!! I hate it when people say ”just relax…you’ll be fine”. This phrase is definitely easier said than done. One way to avoid stress built on top of stress is to breathe. Take 1 minute out of your day, turn away from the computer, put the pen down and close your eyes and breathe. It is a great way to re-focus, direct attention elsewhere and to calm your central nervous system down. You may be going into overdrive and almost on the edge of a melt down, but this simple task can do wonders. It doesn’t cost anything, takes 60 seconds and restores you back to normal function.

5. Talk. There is no point keeping stress bottled up inside, it simply builds until explosion point. To some, stress can be a trigger which could lead to depression or social awkwardness. It is something that can and should be spoken about with someone you feel comfortable with – a friend, colleague or stranger. People are always willing to help and reach out if need be, so don’t be afraid to discuss what is bothering you.


All in all, in order to see what works best for you, you must uncover where the stress is coming from, address it and see what method works best. I have only listed 5 methods and there are hundreds which to choose. If you have any list them below, we all know how great discussion is.


Yours in health and happiness,

LJM Health and Fitness