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SAM’s PROJECT – finding a cure for Brain Cancer

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For anyone that knows anyone suffering or is going through brain cancer themselves, understands how much of a toll it takes on the body.

This is my experience.



From a very young age I was blessed. I had a loving family who would do anything for me. I had food on the table and a warm placed to call home. I had closed friends I could turn to in need. I had Sam. Although not directly related, he was someone close enough to call family. His visits when I was young always brought my sister and I to tears with laughter and brought my dad a smile. He was his best-friend.

Always joking around and laughing, Sam was one of a kind. His spirit, hard work ethic and energy for life is what kept him going. Early 2013, he was diagnosed with GBM brain cancer. I’m not going to lie, when I first heard of the news, I didn’t know much about brain cancer, let alone the different types. Initially, Sam’s fighting attitude brought him to his feet again. He was determined to fight it and beat cancer. Unfortunately, the radiation, constant appointments with various specialists and limited time, left him defenceless. But with my dad by his side 24/7, caring for him, he was reminded about the good in the world.

Everytime I saw him, he still managed to crack a joke – especially if it had anything to do with food, particularly Messina ice-cream. Admitted to hospice early 2014, Sam knew the time was coming, and so did we.
None of us could admit it.
None of us could face the truth.
Having known this person my entire life, having him there when I was growing up and calling him family – how can you ever say goodbye?

Each time we went to visit, we had to treat it like the last time. I had to be strong. I couldn’t let tears roll down my face, not in front of Sam, not in front of my dad. On numerous occasions, I was forced to wear sunglasses and face the opposite way. I couldn’t face what was happening.

On the 6th of January 2014, Sam left us and joined the angels.

Something I never want to forget is his legacy. In honour of Sam, I am hosting a charity event ”SAMs Project” with 100% of funds raised going to Brain Cancer Australia. I want to spread the word about what brain cancer is and what we can do to help prevent and hopefully cure this disease. Sam gave people vision, in particular me. He spoke to me on numerous occasions and said to always follow what your heart says. I hope this helps commemorate and celebrate a life, an inspiring man and a friend.

At his funeral, an inspiring quote was read out from Sam – “If my donation can help save one child’s life, I know I have lived for a purpose”.

I will never forget Sam. Rest in peace.


For more information about SAMs Project, how you can participate and what you can do to help, follow the link: