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Individual Training

Are you interested in improving your overall fitness but would prefer something a little more personalised?

Well individual one-on-one training is PERFECT for you!

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Whether it be training for an upcoming marathon, cycling event or simply wanting to lose that stubborn 5kg, at LJM Health and Fitness we tailor programs to suit an individual. Upon initial consultation, we take the time to sit down with you and ask you the important questions such as goals, currently lifestyle and where you want/need to be.

From their we investigate all areas of health including;

  • objective measures,
  • anthropometric data,
  • flexibility,
  • range of motion,
  • aerobic and strength tests,
  • postural analysis,
  • gait analysis,
  • core/abdominal strength,
  • balance and coordination
  • functional tests
  • diet and nutrition
  • much, much more…

From here, we guide you to take control of your health, giving you the correct tools and information to reap the health benefits you desire!

It is important to us that a holistic approach given addressing all areas of health in order to give the MOST individual, tailored program to YOU.

Contact LJM Health and Fitness either via email, facebook or mobile to get started TODAY!

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