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Laura Majewski is a qualified Sports and Exercise Scientist and an accredited member of ESSA. Laura graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science) and since then has been utilising her education to help those further their knowledge of health. Since the start of her business (LJM Health and Fitness) in 2012, she has helped clients of all ages lose body fat, gain strength and importantly, make them aware of healthy, conscious, nutritious decisions. Her holistic approach to health has further developed her passion for rehabilitation of sporting injuries or work place accidents.

Laura’s extensive knowledge of how human anatomy works enables her to create individualised, tailored programs to anyone of any age. She is passionate about the power of science and regularly gives clients updated scientifically researched information about their program.

Her healthy, vibrant zest for life is exuded not just in her personality, but in her sessions as well. She has a passion for making people a healthier, happier version of themselves through movement.

It doesn’t have to necessarily be hard, but living an active lifestyle, with regular movement will improve all areas of health!

In 2018, Laura is planning to continue her studies completing a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics, furthering her knowledge and approach to holistic health.

Laura uses her expertise, researched knowledge and past clinical experience to specialise in:

  • Weight Loss – losing body fat, increasing muscle strength
  • Strength Training – hypertrophy gains
  • Rehabilitation/pain management – sporting injuries or work place accidents
  • Nutritional guidance and advice – specialised meal plans (gluten, soy, dairy etc….), shopping market tours
  • Sports Specific Training – specialised but not limited to netball, touch football, volleyball, cricket

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